What Makes Your Business Unique?

What Makes Your Business Unique?

What Makes Your Business Unique?

Many young entrepreneurs bring a unique perspective or concept to the marketplace. They may find a niche, underserved area or create a new spin on an established product or service. Have you given much thought to what makes your business unique? It could be your exceptional service. Perhaps you’ve discovered a way to out-compete the competition on price. You may just have uncovered the secret sauce in your industry or you may have a unique approach to marketing. Perhaps it’s your name, location or decor.

No matter what it is that is contributing to your success, you are likely taking steps to protect it.That is, of course, how it should be.

If you have an exceptional, key employee, you don’t want them getting away. You may keep recipes or diagrams in a safe and secure place. You may have employees sign a non-disclosure agreement. Whatever it takes, you protect your key secrets, people and market share at almost any cost.

Yet, interestingly enough, surveys indicate just over 40% of businesses don’t carry business insurance.

That potentially means one customer slip and fall, one employee misstep, one single accident or incident and it could all be gone. Everything unique about the business gone in one unfortunate moment.

No matter how good the ideas, how well-executed the production is or how brilliant all the other aspects…one incident and it could be gone.

Is your business among that 40%? If so, we ask this of you. Contact us to just have a conversation about your business and your goals. Let us at least prepare a business insurance plan to get you started on a better path to protect your unique business. If you don’t like what we offer or feel you can’t afford it, that’s understandable. But to not carry business insurance when you don’t even know its costs seems puzzling.

Protect your unique business with business insurance designed specifically for you. Connect with our team of business insurance professionals today. They will shop through our network of insurance providers to find a plan that best suits you. Contact us today to get started.

Be Confidently Insured.


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