Places in the United States People Move to for the Weather

Places in the United States People Move to for the Weather

Places in the United States People Move to for the Weather

One of the major reasons individuals relocate is due to the weather. It may just be for a personal preference or even for health reasons. There are some specific locations and regions that are more desirable than others. Here are a few of the places in the U.S. people gravitate to, often because of the weather.


Some people underestimate how long and wide the Sunshine State is. This creates some diverse weather extremes from the far north to the southern tip. One can guarantee, however, that the weather in the state is warm for an extensive portion of the year. As a peninsula, weather directions and patterns can change frequently. Florida is terrific for lovers of the outdoors and watersports. Rather than summer and winter, Florida more likely experiences wet and dry seasons.


Arizona has become a Mecca for retirees and those with breathing and health issues. The reason? Arizona is a desert and the air is dry. More importantly, because it is mostly dessert, the state has little vegetation. This makes it a perfect choice for those with allergies and asthma.

San Diego

Those who want to avoid temperatures that get too high or too low have found Southern California and San Diego, in particular, an excellent choice. Summer temps rarely exceed the 80s and in the winter, the 60s are common. The city’s mild temperatures are due to its longitude and latitude and its location on the Pacific Ocean. San Diego is known for not only some of the best weather in the country, but in the world.


Temperatures in Seattle remain relatively moderate year round. The city’s climate avoids steamy summers and frigid winters. While rain is often a topic of discussion, rain is most frequent in the winter, when other areas are getting snow. The rain in Seattle is often light, although more frequent than some other regions.


While many people move to enjoy more moderate temperatures and a relaxing atmosphere, Colorado is a center of winter and outdoor sports. Snow skiing, snow boarding and snowmobiling are a favorite, as is hiking, biking and rafting. A lengthy ski season and a location where you are never far from the slopes make Colorado a winter sports lover’s paradise.

With more of us working from home, many are choosing to explore where they call home. It is always good to have more options.

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