Tips to Making the Most Out of Your Garage or Yard Sale

Tips to Making the Most Out of Your Garage or Yard Sale

Tips to Making the Most Out of Your Garage or Yard Sale

If you are interested in downsizing while making some extra cash, staging a garage or yard sale is an excellent idea. Make no mistake, preparing for and operating a garage sale can be work, but it can pay off with some extra space in your house and some bonus money in your wallet.

The key in staging a garage sale is making sure it as successful as possible. Here are some ways to make the most of your sale.

  • Make lots of signs. Use day-glow poster board to make signs for every major corner near your sale. The word “Sale”, the address and a large arrow are important in directing drivers to your sale. Make the large enough to see from 20 to 30 feet away.
  • Price items individually. Don’t leave your guests wondering what an item costs or having to ask. If you have a box of books, it is fine to have a sign that says $1 each, but otherwise put a price tag on each item.
  • Show items at table height. Many shoppers either won’t or don’t want to lean over to ground height to view or inspect items. Placing them at table height increases the odds your items will be seen and purchased.
  • Don’t take your sale personally. Your goal is to sell items. Don’t take it personally if someone makes you a “low ball” offer on an item. Simply decide whether you wish to take the offer or not.
  • Have some bags for shoppers. Start collecting disposable plastic shopping bags when you go shopping in the weeks prior to your sale. These will come in handy for shoppers who buy multiple items.
  • Have plenty of change on hand. Make sure you have plenty of five dollar bills, singles and quarters to use for change. Price items in 25 cent increments (.25,.50, .75., 1.25 etc.) so you don’t have to deal with pennies, nickles or dimes.

Be prepared for early shoppers and allow for as much parking as possible. Keep a book handy for those slow periods, and most of all, have fun with it.

A garage sale can help you clear up unused items, free up space, downsize and generate some extra cash. Make the most of yours!

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