The Earth is warm enough for us to inhabit because of gases in our planet’s atmosphere that hold heat, which is carbon dioxide and methane. This makes the average temperature on Earth 59 degrees Fahrenheit. We have increased the average temperature by 35% by the way we do things on earth. If there are more greenhouse gases (methane and carbon dioxide), there are warmer temperatures.

Methane is produced by things like rotting garbage, wastewater, and gas from livestock and rice crops. With all our landfills and sewage, we are creating those gases in excess amounts daily. With the amount of beef eaten by Americans daily, we have cow farms that kill over 29 million cows a year. Just imagine how many cow toots they produce.

Carbon dioxide is produced by burning fossil fuels, which are coal and oil. Co2 also occurs on our planet already, naturally.

By how we use our land and energy, we are producing these gases in excess, creating warmer temperatures over time, which has led to global warming.

We burn fossil fuels for electricity and to warm our homes, for transportation (cars, planes, trains), and manufacturing products we use every day.

We log to have wood to burn and build, we clear forests for agriculture and development. Trees absorb carbon dioxide in our environment, and with the removal of forests, there are fewer trees which equals more carbon dioxide.

Earth provides everything we need for survival. Our oxygen to breathe, the dirt to produce crops so we can eat, all of the natural resources we use on a daily basis. With too much garbage, too many cattle, too many fuels being burned, we are harming the planet that is our home.

Actions have consequences. Warmer weather creates more hurricanes, the melting of polar ice caps, increasing extinction.

How can we reverse the damage we’ve done? With time, and greener choices.

  1. Use energy efficient appliances. By saving energy, you can also save money. Buy bulbs that save up to 80% more energy.
  2. Use less water. Take quicker showers, and if you can, use cooler Hot water burns more fuel. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. Be conscientious of how much water you use while doing dishes. Etc.
  3. Eat less meat. Not only can this benefit our environment, but it can also help you by lowering your cholesterol levels.
  4. Unplug unused appliances.
  5. Travel smarter. Carpool when you can. Walk when you can, stop and smell the roses.

 By: KayLynn

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