How Are You Feeling?

How Are You Feeling?

How Are You Feeling?

It is a simple enough question. Many of us ask, or are asked it several times daily. It may be phrased slightly differently, like “How are ya doin’?. “Things going okay?”or even “What’s new?”, but they are intended as little wellness checks from one person to another. Sometimes they are just meant as a version of hello, but the intention is to check in.

How often, however, do you ask the question of yourself? Think about it. Right now, how are you feeling? Are you a bit tired or lethargic or energized and enthusiastic? Are you sore and have aches and pains or are you feeling spry and flexible?

Posing the question to yourself is an interesting exercise because we so seldom do it. Most of us go about our days accepting how we feel in the then and now, without giving it much thought. That is until we get the flu or ache from exertion from the previous day.

Asking yourself how you feel can be a habit that leads to some positive life changes. That’s because how we feel often can be traced back to what we did, ate or drank in the recent past.

Take breakfast, for example. Is what you are eating providing you with fuel to get your day started or setting you up for a mid-morning crash? Does your fast food lunch energize you or make you want to take a nap?

How do you feel when you get enough sleep and when you don’t? How about when you drink enough water or when you have one too many glasses of wine? Are you feeling stressed in traffic driving to work? Keep a log if it’s helpful. The point is, once you identify how you are feeling, you can usually find a cause for it. Once you find that cause, you can make adjustments.

Maybe talk radio should be replaced with smooth jazz in the car. Perhaps a fruit juice could replace that latte. You may even find yourself having a salad for lunch once in a while. No pressure. No stress. No one preaches about what you should do. It is just you asking yourself the simple question “How do I feel?”

Most of us want to live long healthy lives and do the right things. It can start by paying attention to the small things, like how we feel. It also includes taking care of business and protecting your family’s future with life insurance.

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